About Jamie Stevenson

Jamie Stevenson is a life-long student of the horse.  She continuously studies and seeks learning opportunities to expand her knowledge, and she is passionate about sharing her knowledge and love for horses with her students.  Her goal is helping her students and horses thrive through heart-centered horsemanship as they progress towards their goals—whatever those goals may be!


Jamie started riding at the age of 10 and has been obsessed with all things horse ever since.  She started her riding career Eventing–competing through the Preliminary Level. Her interests and the needs of her horses later led her towards studying and practicing classical dressage training principles.  She enjoys the subtleties, mindfulness, and artful process of classical dressage training. She has vast experience using these principles to resolve soundness and behavioral issues stemming from pain due to unhealthy biomechanics.


Jamie also has a degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University...thus the name “Horse Engineer!”  She graduated with honors in only 3.5 years and also obtained a minor in Psychology by accident as she simply enjoyed the subject.  Her engineering background gives her a unique understanding of the forces produced through biomechanics as well as a methodical, objective approach to studying and resolving problems.

Jamie’s other interests include yoga and business development.  Her yoga practice has been a major influence on the development of her empathetic and holistic approach to working with horse and rider.  Since graduating from college, Jamie has owned and operated her own business in addition to helping others develop, grow, and operate their own businesses in the horse industry.

Jamie is a long-time student of Kim Walnes who has studied under many greats including Jack LeGoff, Bert deNemethy, George Morris, Sally Swift, Linda Tellington-Jones, Anne Kursinski, Melanie Smith Taylor, Pam Goodrich, Gunnar Ostergaard, Jessica Ransehousen, Bettina Drummond, Colonel Christian Carde.


Jamie currently studies with Kim Robare who trained for 10 years with Bettina Drummond (Bettina Drummond was trained by master Nuno Oliveira).

She has also participated in an extensive number and variety of clinics including:

  • Bio-Mechanics - Jean Luc Cornille (Science of Motion) & Dr. Gerd Heuschmann 

  • Bodywork/Massage - Jim Masterson, Mary Schreiber & Andrea Datz

  • Hoof Anatomy & Care - Cheryl Henderson


Additional Accomplishments


  • USDF Bronze Medalist

  • OSNHC Certified Hoof Care Provider

  • Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist

What's Behind the Names "Horse Engineer" &  HEART?

Jamie’s original business was named “Horse Engineer,” and if you ask anyone who knows her, it is the perfect name to describe her.  However, as her business evolved she needed a name that communicates her training philosophies and beliefs—horsemanship should integrate the artful process with scientific research and always be heart-centered.  Thus, the name HEART was born:

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